Cumulus plans to establish multiple spin-out companies. The first is now launched and invested, with a further three actively developing plans and building data in stealth‑mode, which will be coupled to appropriate investment strategies in due course.

Cumulus holds a significant founding shareholding in the companies it creates. Motivation is therefore high to ensure these companies are incubated and that development is accelerated as robust data emerges from the portfolio of assets included in each spinout.

Nodus Oncology is a biotech company developing first and best-in-class molecules focused on the DNA Damage Response (DDR) in patient sub-groups where molecular vulnerabilities exist.

Founded by Cumulus Oncology, which contributes capital and oncology discovery and development expertise to the creation of new biotech companies, Nodus has received seed investment from both Cumulus Oncology and additional investors.

  • NOD1 is a first in class replication inhibitor causing tumour cell death through induction of DNA gaps.
  • NOD2 a best-in-class PARG inhibitor causing tumour cell death through replication catastrophe and collateral vulnerabilities.

Nodus Oncology

Therapeutics Company 2

This company is focused on G Protein Coupled Receptor targets in oncology. GPCRs represent a highly underutilised target class in the development of cancer therapeutics.

(More details coming soon)

Intelligence in Drug Discovery

This company is focused on discovery and validation of novel targets in oncology, using proprietary AI/ML tools to probe larger numbers of cancer patient data sets.

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Therapeutics Company 3

This company is focused on novel cell surface targets, where there is strong scientific validation and which can be modulated effectively via a biologics approach.

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