Our model

The Cumulus business model takes a fresh approach to drug development, with a ‘hub and spoke’ methodology, where Cumulus is the parent and creator of multiple spin-out companies.

The company and spinouts benefit from the deep expertise in oncology retained in the Cumulus team. Inherent in the model is the ability to keep pace with scientific innovations as well as spread the risk associated with therapeutic development. Our business model is inherently flexible and enables us to form meaningful, value-creating opportunities with collaborators and asset holders from different sectors (e.g. academic or commercial).

Our selection

Cumulus Oncology is actively engaged in the search for new targets / assets / opportunities / technology platforms that have great potential to have a future as an oncology therapeutic or drive multiple therapeutic options.

We scout and review data packages in our field of interest (including DDR, cancer metabolism and novel targets). Our primary team activity is focused on scientific review. When wishing to delve deeper into the scientific and commercial background on any asset under consideration, we engage both the core team and our wider group of connected advisors to conduct diligence.


Working with

We work in a range of ways with asset holders from straightforward asset purchase agreements to company co-creations. Often, we collaborate via licensing agreements. For earlier stage projects we commit capital to build out stronger data packages via collaboration agreements until the commercial potential becomes clearer.

The Cumulus team are highly selective about the opportunities taken forward for consideration and conduct rigorous due diligence which includes a strategy for ‘killing quick’ as part of the development plans. Only assets with an obvious development path and where a clear unmet medical need exists are taken forward.

The team looks for robust patient sub-group hypotheses where strong data can be provided. Having worked on successful and unsuccessful oncology projects, the team are adept at assessing both the scientific and commercial validity of projects as well as what type of resource to dedicate to them.


Get in touch

We are interested in talking with asset holders from different sectors, including Universities, Drug Discovery groups as well as Biotech and Pharma companies re-prioritising their oncology portfolio.