Our mission is to accelerate oncology innovation into world changing impact

A new kind
of company

Europe's first oncology biotech creation studio, Cumulus Oncology was founded by Dr Clare Wareing (CEO) in 2017. Underpinning the creation of Cumulus was the evident inherent redundancy in the traditional biotech model. Cumulus companies are managed to key value inflection points and assigned team members appropriate to the scientific area and development stage of each company. This also includes business leaders experienced in biotech fundraising.

Fast, flexible
and efficient

Cumulus was created to provide a more flexible, capital and resource efficient platform in which to both innovate and reduce the risk of later stage development failure. The company applies a ‘fail fast’ philosophy and operational hands on approach. The model has been crafted to have an evergreen approach whilst providing ongoing returns to investors via the more traditional success of individual Biotechs created and managed by Cumulus.

Our model

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Unique mix of scientists and entrepreneurs