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Need for improvement in oncology drug development success rates

Despite improvements in overall survival rates of cancer patients, it is widely acknowledged that treatment options often have limited impact. The drug development failure rate in clinical stage trials remains high. A step change is required, to apply stricter criteria on which assets and programs to progress at an earlier stage, ensuring only those with the highest chances of success in the clinic are taken forward.

Driving oncology innovation

Cumulus Oncology connects the dots between oncology research, drug discovery, development, commercialisation and value creation to accelerate drug development programs, create new companies, and co-develop or license attractive assets/targets in oncology.



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Cumulus works with asset holders from various backgrounds (both academic and commercial) to ensure the best science is moved forward effectively. We use a ‘one team – multiple companies/projects’ approach, enabling through a highly efficient deployment of resources and capital.

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We bring together scientific experts, entrepreneurs, investment specialists, leading drug discovery, drug development and commercialisation professionals all committed to one common goal: to accelerate oncology innovation into world changing impact. Cumulus puts its expertise and entrepreneurship at the heart of biotech company creation to drive patient benefit and shareholder value.

The Cumulus team have the skills to take oncology opportunities from target ID to commercialisation. Its central team has expertise covering target validation, hit-to lead and lead optimisation as well as preclinical through to clinical development. Collectively, the team consists of experts who have previously taken more than 18 cancers therapeutics to successful market approval.

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The Cumulus team continuously assesses the scientific merits and commercial potential of a wide range of oncology projects. We focus efforts on identifying opportunities across 5 core themes.


  • Novel targets
  • Cancer metabolism
  • DNA Damage Response (DDR)
  • Chromatin Modulation and Epigenetics
  • Well Defined Pathways


Cumulus has curated and created a number of oncology biotech spin-out companies, with further other opportunities in development.

  • Nodus Oncology – DNA Damage response and associated genomic instability
  • Therapeutics Company 2 – G Protein Coupled Receptor targets in oncology
  • Intelligence in drug discovery – using AI/ML to probe cancer patient data sets and identify novel targets
  • Therapeutics Company 3 – Novel cell surface targets


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